Dressed To Impress

Each building is dressed to impress by Lifestyle Homes designer, Lora Overweg. Every single item in the condominiums is available for purchase from wash cloths to couches. Don't wait too long to claim your favorite items, however, for they are going fast!

Below we have listed some of our personal favorites but make sure you make your way into each building to find the perfect additions to your new home. 


Giraffe Fun

Looking to grab attention? This fun shower curtain is the perfect compliment to a sleek looking bathroom.


Living Room Decor 

This living room is my personal favorite. From the comfortable chairs to the light decor each item is for sale. 


Funky Fireplace

It is hard to ignore this magnificent fireplace, which is probably why it didn't last long! This color changing funky fireplace was recently sold, but stay tuned for we have a similar item that will soon make its way into the next condo. 



Rounded Dinning Room

This living room set is still available! From the unique rounded shelf to the dinning room set. 


Owl City

This adorable children's bathroom is still available! Every child loves a pop of color!